Who We Are

Ava Laurénne Bride began in 2012...

The Real Life Ava Laurénne and the owner, Wendy Rivera

The Real Life Ava Laurénne and the owner, Wendy Rivera

and is named after Ava Laurénne Rivera, the 9 year-old daughter of Wendy Rivera (one of the shoppe's owners). From the beginning, we have believed that every bride deserves to have the experience of a lifetime as she searches for the dress of her dreams.  Everything we do is because of that belief.  From the intimate atmosphere of our shoppe to the way we celebrate every bride’s dress choice,  we are thrilled to be able to help brides find the gown they will wear when they say, "I do."  

Marriage is sacred, and we are humbled that we are given the opportunity every day to celebrate love with brides preparing to take one of the most exciting and meaningful steps of life!

We have two separate shoppes in the same building.  One shoppe has off-the-rack and clearance bridal gowns, and the second shoppe has regular order gowns, including our gorgeous Ava Laurénne Bride Collection. 

When a bride finds her gown at our shoppe, she joins a sorority of brides who have each found more than just their wedding dress when they walked through our doors. Come see us soon, and find out for yourself what it means to become an "Ava Laurénne Bride."