I couldn't be happier right now! I just said yes to the dress of my dreams at Ava Laurénne, thanks to the wonderful help of Ashley! It was such a fun and relaxing experience. If you are looking for an awesome bridal shop, with many different dress options and experienced workers, this is the place to go! Thank you so much Ava Laurénne!

Alli Sellers

The girls at Ava Laurenne are AMAZING. Jeri was my consultant today and I could not have had a better experience. I did not feel rushed, I felt in control, and I felt like she got exactly what I was looking for. I left with my dress today and I'm so grateful to all of them for this awesome experience.

Sydney Cranford

Stephanie Cox

This adorable boutique is unbelievable!  I went to a few bridal shoppes before ALB (including Kleinfeld in NYC) and my experience at ALB exceeded all of my expectations and blew the other places away! I had made a last minute appointment and didn't know what to expect, but when I left ALB, I not only left with my dream dress, but a wonderful memory. ALB made my dress shopping experience incredible. They are extremely caring, thoughtful, and made me feel like I was the most special person in the world. I would highly recommend Ava Laurénne Bride to any future brides, you will not be disappointed.

I cannot even begin to describe how outstanding my Ava Laurénne Bride experience was this past weekend! The staff and the gowns completely amazed me.

As a Counselor, one of the most important aspects working with people is the ability to understand the message behind someone's words, and reflect those feelings back to them in an understandable and clarifying way. Ava Laurenne's staff totally nailed this skill!!! I was so amazed how they seemed to understand what I was havingdifficulty expressing in any clear way.

The dresses are affordable and stunning!!! When I found the right dress I just knew it! It was a moment that cannot be repeated and a feeling I will never forget.

I am so thrilled to be an Ava Laurénne Bride, and that here is where I said "Yes" to my dress!!!

Maggie Breiten-back

Gail King

We went to ALB and it was the greatest experience ever. Anyone who is going to be getting married should at least go there. Their Princess Package for the Bride is fabulous!!! All brides to be should do it.... :)  I also believe if you go to Ava Laurenne Bride Shop you will not be leaving without having found your dream gown....Just go there you have nothing to lose but a lot to Gain!!!

Ashlie J.

Ava Laurénne Bride is the epitome of a 1st class experience. My experience here surpasses that of every other bridal shop that I've visited.  Wendy is simply amazing! During my visit, she was welcoming, warm, patient, knowledgeable and fun! She made me feel so comfortable, as if I had known her for years. I didn't feel pressured or rushed--instead she took the time to "create an experience" with each gown I tried on, helping me dress and accessorize followed by the "the big reveal" in front of my family. The shop is beautiful, the gowns are beautiful, and more importantly Wendy is a beautiful person who will create a one of a kind amazing experience!

Amanda West 

I was told by my mom that she scheduled a Princess Treatment appointment for me at Ava Laurenne Bride. I was excited but not sure what to expect. We were immediately greeted outside by Gabe who helped the whole group out of the cars and escorted us inside where Wendy was waiting to greet us all with hugs and smiles. The evening was absolutely amazing. It was not just trying on dresses like I had done at a couple of other stores - this was a whole different experience. Wendy encouraged us all to go through the racks and pick out dresses we liked. All over the store I heard "Amanda look at this!" "What do you think about this one?" and "Oh you have to try this on!" That was one of the best parts of the evening. At other stores I went to, they didn't allow everyone to spread out and shop for dresses on our own and I'm glad we were able to do so at Ava Laurénne! My friends and family felt more connected to the experience and would get excited when I came out in "their" dress. The dresses themselves were unbelievable. They were all gorgeous and there was so much variety I knew my dress had to be there and I am so glad it was! I will forever remember my evening with friends and family at Ava Laurénne. They turned their beautiful shop into our living room for the evening and treated us like family. The night was filled with laughter, story telling and tears of joy. I highly recommend that every bride take the opportunity to experience the Princess Treatment at Ava Laurénne. They truly know how to make a girl feel like a princess!

Victoria Roxanna 

I had just finished up trying on dresses at my 6th shop in two days, 9 overall and was feeling disappointed that I hadn't found a wedding dress that I absolutely LOVED. The consultant at that store was a sweet heart and felt so bad I hadn't found "the dress" so she told me I should try one more store that day in downtown Fredericksburg: Ava Laurénne Bride. I decided to give it a try. I called the store on the way and was told to, "Head on over!" As soon as I got to Ava Laurénne Bride, I was greeted by Wendy who was so enthusiastic and excited about my engagement. She listened very carefully to my VERY long list of dress requirements and immediately went to work pulling dresses. She helped me into the first dress and I didn't even really get a chance to see what it looked like, but when I walked out of the dressing room everyone gasped. I looked into the full length mirror, that was very well lit by the way, and the dress took my breath away. It was everything I had wanted! I definitely had "the moment" and could immediately picture myself walking down the aisle in the dress. We tried on a few more dresses, but we all knew the first one was it. Once my parents got there to see it, we all started crying, even Wendy got teary eyed! Then Wendy had a surprise for us, she and her husband sang us a beautiful song as a gift to finding "the dress" and for having found the "one" (my fiance). It was a wonderful experience, I am so glad I did my shopping in Virginia (I live in Louisiana) and stumbled across this fabulous shop that gave me the ultimate wedding dress shopping experience.


Kendall Blake

First place I went to look for my wedding dress. Patty was amazing, and she pieced together my perfect dress and made my vision come true! I instantly fell in love with every detail she chose, which made my dress classic and elegant! I was referred by a friend and will continue to refer people in the future. Everyone was so nice and helpful and I throughly enjoyed my experience!

Krista Farrell

Ava Laurénne was the very first store I had visited to try on dresses. I wasn't too sure what to expect of my appointment but from the minute I got there, Katie was FANTASTIC! I went into the appointment with a particular type of dress in mind, but after trying it on, it was not what I imagined. Katie was so helpful with her suggestions and willingness to have me try on any and all styles in order to find my perfect dress...which I did! She was so enthusiastic and not at all forceful in her comments and compliments towards me. She was extremely welcoming to both my mom and I throughout the whole appointment and worked with us until I found THE dress. I'm so extremely happy that I came to Ava Laurénne for my dress! My experience was way beyond what I had expected and I had so much fun! Thank you ALB and Katie for making this experience such a great one! I definitely recommend Ava Laurénne to anyone looking for a great bridal experience as well as a wonderful & helpful staff!

Jordan Kilmer

I'm so happy I picked this beautiful boutique to find my wedding dress. All three girls there were so amazing and helpful from the time we walked in. In all honesty they just made me feel beautiful in everything I tried on! The dress I picked was more than I have ever dreamed of and I'm just so happy with my whole dress experience.

Ashley Revarda

I love Ava Laurénne! I have only been engaged for two weeks, and it turns out this was the first and only place I shopped. I had never tried on a wedding dress, so I was very nervous about how it would look and feel. Let me just say that all of the ladies were just AMAZING. My appointment was with Ashley and she made me feel like I was right at home. I loved all of the dresses she picked out for me to try on, from the very first to the one that I decided to buy!! I never dreamed I would have such an amazing experience, let alone find my dress the very first trip. All of the ladies there made me feel great and I could not have asked for anything more. Thank you so much!! I love you all!

Denyse Wells

 so beautiful & special. I came in thinking I would get a form-fitting mermaid dress, but when I arrived, I saw a beautiful Justin Alexander ballgown on a mannequin in the sitting area and I knew it was THE dress. They immediately pulled it down for me & agreed with me that it was the one. Once I had MY magical "say yes to the dress" moment, the owner Wendy & her amazing husband Gabe celebrated with me & my family & gave me such a special treat that I will remember & cherish forever. To Wendy, Gabe, & the ALB team, thank you for making my experience better than anything I could have ever imagined. I have recommended ALB to every bride-to-be since & I will never stop singing your praises. Ava Laurénne Bride is simply the best!

Samantha Zaccagnino

Cannot recommend this place enough! Seriously...if you like the show Say Yes to the Dress you will get that experience times ten. I felt so beautiful when the owner found my dream dress.

Amanda Ulmer

I didn't think I was anywhere near ready picking out my wedding dress since I have a little over a year left. But when I heard they were doing a flash sale on dresses, I had to make that appointment. I was super nervous because it's a big step on picking the dress. As soon as I walked in everyone was so nice and amazing. Patty helped me out and she was wonderful and very personable. She went out of her way to get the dresses I wanted to try on. I had an amazing experience with my family. Everyone was laughing and having fun. Wendy even came over and made me feel like a princess giving me all the compliments a girl loves to hear. It was truly an amazing memory that I will cherish forever. Plus I got the dress I have always wanted. THANK YOU <3

Didi RusselL VAWE

VAWE Network works with hundreds of wedding & event professionals all over the state & this business stands out from the crowd. They are one of the most exciting, innovative, creative, professional businesses you can work with and their gowns are STUNNING!! They are kind, caring and so easy to work with. I highly recommend them. Check out their website & events, they put on fun & engaging elegant events that are very entertaining! LOVE AVA LAURÉNNE BRIDE!