Princess Treatment

The Princess Treatment is exactly what it sounds like and is unique to Ava Laurénne Bride. Our beautiful shop becomes exclusively yours for a customized experience you'll remember for the rest of your life.  The Princess Treatment package is a special 3-4 hour appointment, held after normal business hours for the Bride and up to 15 of her closest friends and family.  The Bride is given her choice of music, food and drinks, but we work with her friends and family ahead of time to surprise her with special, personal touches throughout her appointment.  She'll feel like the entire world of Ava Laurénne revolves around her as she reminisces, relaxes and tries on dresses.  Tears usually flow and laughter fills the shop at a Princess Treatment.  We've had friends and family fly in from all over the country to participate in this special life-moment for our Ava Laurenne Brides.

We can guarantee that you'll cherish the unique memories you'll make when you choose our Princess Treatment Package. For a one time fee of $500 you can sign up today and be a "Princess for a Day" while finding the dress of your dreams.  

Please call our store to schedule your Princess Treatment today!

*Due to high demand, we do not take Princess Treatment Reservations online. 

Note From the Team

There is NOTHING like a princess treatment!! It is an unmatched experience where the team at ALB works personally and closely with the bride's family to surprise her, love on her and give her the ultimate bridal event!! We as a team join in on the laughter, the sweet tears, the story telling and the memories this day holds! Princess treatment brides become true family to us and we love walking through every step of the wedding process with them! We love you already, sweet bride!

Jennifer's Princess Treatment

"I absolutely loved my experience with Ava Laurénne. It was wonderful to go into the shop and realize that these women truly wanted me to find MY perfect dress--even if it wasn't in their store. They would never make you feel like they were just trying to make a sale, because their priority is to give you the amazing feeling every bride deserves as she is preparing for her wedding day--to feel special and beautiful. Needless to say, I found the dress of my dreams (within my budget!) at Ava Laurénne. I recently got married and often find myself sneaking into the room where I'm keeping my dress to peek at it! Karen perfectly tailored my dress to fit me. I also found the perfect veil at Ava Laurénne. I can't imagine a better overall experience than this. From having the "Princess Treatment," the excitement of coming back for my fittings and seeing everyone again, to having people swoon over how gorgeous my dress was during and following my wedding was absolutely the best. I couldn't be happier with my experience at Ava Laurénne and I know many other brides would say the same thing!"