What kind of prices can I expect in your store?

From the words of one of our brides: "When my sister brought me in here, we looked at each other and thought, 'O great, we will never be able to afford anything in here', because it was just so beautiful! Then, we had the best bridal gown shopping experience -- one that we had not had anywhere else, and I walked out with the dress of my dreams -- right off the rack -- in my price range! It was perfect!" Best moment of the day: when this bride cried when she saw herself in "her" dress. Special day. Regular order gowns start at $1,200. Our Clearance Gowns begin at $199.

Do you sell gowns off the rack?

Yes. We have a wide selection of gowns that we sell off the rack at a discounted price from 20% off to 50% off.

Do you take walk-ins?

Yes! If we have a dressing room available, you can try on gowns!! Saturdays can be a bit full, so appointments are better for Saturdays - but if you want to come in on a whim, come on in!

It is one of our main goals to have samples in sizes that every bride can try! We have samples from size 6 to size 30. Our average size for our samples is a 12-14. Bridal gowns tend to run small, so be prepared to fit into a gown that may be 1-2 sizes higher in number than you normally wear. (If you are a size 2, you will be a 4 or 6 in bridal:) Don’t ask us why designers do this -- it is just European standard sizes -- that’s about all we can tell you on that one!! Wish they would switch it around -- if I’m a size 14, and I fit a size 10, THAT’S a happy day!!! But no worries -- you will feel fabulous in gowns at Ava Laurenne Bride.

What sizes are your samples?

It takes 4-6 months for a gown to come in after it is ordered. Alterations normally take 2 months. So, if you order your gown 8 months before your wedding, then it will be right up against your wedding. We suggest you order your gown 10-12 months before your wedding. That way there is no stress! :)

How far ahead of my wedding should I order a gown?